Hypnobirthing Class

This class is all you will need to help you prepare for your positive birth experience. It is available as a group or as a private class and will run via Zoom.

Group class dates: (Saturday) October, 28th November, 19th December

Class length: 6 hours

Cost: In-person 1:1 €299 Group €199

Online: 1:1 €250 Group €150 (25%covid discount = €112.50)

Included with class: Up to date childbirth class with hypnobirthing, what to pack in your hospital bag list, ‘Birth partner jobs’ list, Birth plan template, cheat sheet for birth

To book please contact me on todeliveryandbeyond@gmail.com.

Want to ave a class tailored to what you need? Email me and we can try work on it!

Included in curriculum:

Care for mum during the last weeks of pregnancy

Busting Hypnobirthing myths

Physiology of birth


Mindfulness techniques

Navigating the hospital system

Stages of labour and how to manage each stage

Comfort techniques

When things don’t go to plan

The Golden hour and immediate care of your new baby

and lots more!

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