Baby Massage

Infant massage is an age old tradition passed down through generation that has become popular in the western world in recent times. Infant massage instructors believe that every baby deserves respect, tenderness, warmth and a listening heart.

Baby massage has many benefits e.g. it can help with wind, constipation, teething, sleep, relaxation, muscle tone and development, reduction in post natal depression, promotes bonding and has been shown to increase weight gain in premature babies.

Classes are run via Zoom in 4 week blocks, with each class focusing on a particular area of the body. By the end of the 4 weeks you will be able to do a complete massage from head to toe.

Class Dates: Blocks commencing Monday 14th September, Thursday 8th October, Thursday 5th November and Monday 7th December.

Cost: In-person group €100 Online €60 (25% covid discount = €45)

If you have health insurance you may be able to claim some of this back

Length of class 1 hour and we have time for a chat or questions at the end

To book please email

Colic Relief

If you think your baby may be suffering from colic contact me. Together we can use a form of infant massage that is specifically for targeting this problem and can help ease the discomfort felt by your baby.

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